Wrapping Up The Semester By Looking At Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy

digitalliteracyIn today’s world, we are becoming more dependent on digital media, and have to learn more about digital literacy.  Digital literacy is becoming more and more important in all aspects of our lives; school, work, and entertainment. In the digital communications class I took this past semester I learned an array of things that will help me succeed in the professional world. Some of these, and some of the most important digital literacies required in this new digital age are, personal branding, storytelling, the importance of SEO (search engine optimization), and the understanding of one’s medium and audience.

Expressing Digital Literacy In My Projects

One of the most important forms of digital literacy is personal branding. Personal Branding allows one to create their brand and market their online personas. Along with this blog, I created a personal website with both a professional résumé and a relaxed view on my own personal brand. As you can see on my website, I tried to incorporate the relaxed and casual side of my brand with the picture on the home page and the colors of the backgrounds on the different pages. While I did show my relaxed and casual side, I also include my professional brand by creating a digital résumé and project portfolio page.  My hope for this website is that it will show future employers my professional experience while using my casual branding to show that I would fit in any work environment.

Writing for a digital media source is not like your average paper. Not that writing for digital media is only different from a research paper, but there are different mediums of digital media. When writing for a blog, you wouldn’t want to write it the same way as your would a script for a podcast or video and vice versa. It is important to keep the different mediums in mind, as you don’t want write your blog post as a dialog, or write the intro to your video or podcast like a thesis. Because as you keep the different mediums in mind, you also want to be aware of your audience.  As I learned when shooting my video, storytelling and audience are important aspects when writing the script and shooting the video because you want to keep you audience entertained, and you don’t want to just write  and shoot what and how you would want to watch it, but you want to think about how it will come across to your audience.

This semester I created and wrote this blog, through which I learned the importance of knowing the median I was using, and writing for the audience that followed my blog. Knowing that people that usually read sports articles don’t focus on one article for two long, I tried to keep my post short and to the point, while giving the readers visuals that expressed the point I was trying to make.

Skills Attained Through DIGI COM

Going into DIGI COM, I was already proficient in the use of Audacity and other sound editing programs, but I had yet to work with a photo editing or video editing program extensively. Now, ending the class, I have sharpened my skills with Audacity, and greatly improved and learned new skills with Photoshop and Premiere Elements. Not just my editing abilities with the different programs improved, but I was able to improve my ability to communicate through my blog and website. Now, as I transition into the professional world, my skill will help me brand and promote myself, and communicate with employers in a professional manner.


Dining Options On Furman’s Campus and around Greenville

Going into this project, my group and I wanted to get the student prospective on Furman’s dinning options, and where they like to go off campus.

Student Opinions

In this podcast, we interviewed a few students, asking them to talk about their favorite places to eat on and off campus.

Owners and Employees

In this video, we interviewed the Owners and employees of Tandem, Spill the Beans, and The Pump House, to see why they thought Furman students enjoyed going to their restaurant or bar.

Jobs of the Future

In the article “Jobs of the Future”, form the Economist’s, the author explores the future of jobs in the world, and what it is like occupying these jobs. The article goes on to talk about the some jobs, like ones in China and India, where people have begun working as video game experts. These experts will play for up to 60 hours a week, for other people. While those people are at work or busy with other parts of their lives, the experts take control of their account and play for them. The New York Times estimates that there are around 100,000 jobs of this sort out there, and because of this some people are starting to think that it is changing the idea that college is necessary. For some it might be, but for others it is not.

Here I am not saying that everybody should drop out of college and start working at these video game companies, but for some people it’s the right choice for them. Not everyone is suited for college, and sometimes it can hurt them. How can a school hurt their students, you may ask. First off, college cost a lot of money, and if you do not have other people helping you pay for it, you get stuck with the student loans, and because of this, they may not be able to follow their dreams and get stuck at a low level, boring job just to pay them off. Second, Some people are very smart and know what they are doing already, and college is just going to take 4 years of their lives that they could be inventing or creating something new and great for the world. But of course this path isn’t for everyone, some people should, and need to go to college, but if your passion leads you to playing video games all day and making a living doing it, then colleges might not be for you.

The User Experience

In The Elements of the Human Experience Jesse James Garrett explains how the user experience is not how the products work and fail, but how the product will work when a person is using it. He goes on to explain when product is being developed, people pay a attention to what it does, but the user experience is the opposite, the overlooked, side of the equation, and that is how it works. This can often make the difference between a successful product and a failure.

Even when people look at the design of a product, they look at the way it looks. Will it fit with the color scheme and design of their house? So when creating the product, and thinking about the user experience, designers will thin of question like, “Is the button too small for such an important function?” or “Is the button in the right place relative to the other controls the user would be using at the same time?” Because of this the entire layout of the products mechanical design will be different.

 User Experience on a Website

Garrett starts off by saying, “On the Web, user experience becomes even more important than it is for other kinds of products.” This is because when online people tend to blame themselves when something goes wrong, which in his words, “makes them feel stupid” and drives them away. imagesTo put it simply, if the user has a bad experience they won’t come back to your site or app, if they have am ok experience but a better one with the competitors site then they will go theirs and not yours. While having new features and a cool design might matter for some, having a better user experience goes a long way in the users eye. Companies post countless adds and brand messaging, but that will only bring the customer to your site once, it is the user experience that will bring them back again and again.

Making a Change though Documentaries.

On Thursday award winning documentary filmmaker, Byron Hurt, came and spoke to our class and at a CLP. Hurt Talk about what it is like making a documentary that could be used as Social Activism, and how in each of his films he strived to change the way at least one person viewed their actions, or the actions of our country.

 Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes

The First Film that Hurt showed was Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes. This film was shown at the Sundance Film Festival, and has Beyond_Beats_and_Rhymeswon countless awards since then. During the six years that Hurt traveled and filmed this documentary, he was able to capture and cover the issues in Hip-Hop- such as women and violence in rap music. He was also able to explore the representation of manhood in the Hip-Hop culture, and what today’s rap lyrics reveal about the artist. By the end of the filming, Hurt was able to capture young and aspirating artist, and some of the big named artist explain how very few of the artist ever be in gangs, hurt women, or even come from a bad area, but that is what people want to listen to in these songs, so that’s what they rap about.

 If Five-O Shoots

The next film that Hurt showed us was, If Five-O shoots. In this Film hurt goes up to Queens to join the marches for 23 year-old Sean Bell, Unknownwho was shot down the night before his wedding by three police officers. He talks about how he was moved by the jury’s decision to find the officers Not Guilty that he chose to go up to New York to participate in the rally in honor of Sean Bell. Bringing his Camera and filming the event, Hurt adds a narration over the video and creates a great five-minute video.

 Soul Food Junkies

The last thing that Hurt showed us was a short clip of his latest film, Soul Food Junkies. In the short clip that he showed us, he was able to Unknownexplain how the film covers the cultural change in the way that people would eat, during the same time of the black panthers movement was picking up. He talks shortly how he focuses on his own family, mainly his dad, because during the change his dad refused to change his eating habits, habits that later caused his health crisis. Since coming out in 2012, this film has been seen at multiple film festivals, and won best documentary at the American Black Film Festival.

Social Networking- Changing the way people view each other

In Networked Self: Identity, Community, and Culture on Social Network Sites by Zizi Papacharissi, the head of the Communications department at the University of Illinois-Chicago, Papacharissi examines social networking and culture during the new digital revolution.

Networking Interacting Social Media

Papacharissi begins by explaining that the process of self-presentation has been constantly changing, and through which the identities of the individual are “presented, compared, adjusted, or defended against a constellation of social, cultural, economic, or political realities.” Social networking sites have enabled individuals to construct their own, and somewhat embellished, profile connect facebook-01to new and old friends, and view other people’s profiles and connections, providing others with only the information that they want people to know about them. This essentially limits the information that that could be vital when researching a potential job applicant, or political candidate. This doesn’t just mean the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, but also connects a wide variety of networks, allowing them to interact and engage in self-presentation and social connection.

Social Networking changing the Public Sphere

In this age, Social Networking has become the new method to sustain the public spheres. Social networking sites are able to do this because they take advantage of the expressive and connective features, allowing people control the way their lives are viewed by others. The flexibility of the online technology permits interaction and relation among individuals within the same or across different imagesnetworks. “The individuals can gain access to a variety of multimedia tools that enable the possibility for more controlled and more imaginative performances of identity online.” This is basically allowing users to create a “face” that people online will see, and one that may be different than their normal self.

Does Social Networking change our focus from whats important

In this new digital age, the social aspect of our lives has begun to change. As Papacharissi rights, “the terms “sociality” and “sociability” are synonymous,” but now don’t always mean the same thing. Now, sociality refers to the sum of social behaviors that permit the individual to navigate from the state of individuality to that of sociality, while Sociability refers to the ability to perform the social behaviors that lead to sociality, thus reflects one’s inherent potential to engage in social behaviors.

Because of this researchers have begun to ask, “do Social Networking Sites make users more or less social?” Studies have shown that users’ involvement in other activities tend to decrease as the persons involvement with social networking sites increase, but these individuals will eventually begin to re-increase their involvement in outside activities later on. Despite Social Networking being a new aspect of our lives its is seen to not increase or decrease our involvement in other activities, but only time will tell as the digital revolution continues to progress.

Cheating throughout different Sports


Baseball has seen the most cheating out of any sport in America.

Umpire checking Gaylord Perry for illegal substances used to put a different spin on the ball

The pitcher is the player in the sport that is believed to cheats the most. The pitcher has always tried to find different ways to make the baseball move. One player that was known for this was Gaylord Perry. Gaylord Perry is a Hall of Fame pitcher, regarded as one of he best pitchers in his era. He was intimidating, dominating and a cheater. It is well known that Perry frequently added Vaseline to his uniform under the bill of his cap, in his waistline or even under his sleeve in order to throw a “spit ball.” Spit balls were outlawed in baseball due to the difficulty in controlling the destination of the pitch, but allowed the ball to move more making it harder to hit.


In basketball it is pretty hard to cheat, but the most popular way to cheat is by shaving points. In 1994 Steven Smith and other ASU players were involved in a scandal involving a local bookkeeper that bribed them to shave points, preventing them from overtaking the spread. ASUBenjamin Silman, the campus bookie, was sentenced to nearly four years in a federal prison after pleading guilty to fixing four Arizona State basketball games and accepting money from gamblers at the end of the 1994 season. A total of $568,000 was wagered by professional sports handicappers on the approval of Silman.

 Chicago White Sox/Black Sox

A major moment in baseball history was when eight Chicago White Sox players were accused of fixing the 1919 World Series, that later led to all eight being banned from baseball for life.  Check out the Video bellow for more details.


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